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  • “I would like to thank Doug Ko for helping to make my life better. I started seeing Doug Ko in June of 2007. I have had over ten major surgeries and the last health problem was an abscess on over 70% of my right lung. I also don’t have a spleen, gall bladder, and several other organs.

    Doug Ko was so good in explaining what I was missing and how acupuncture combined with herbs could help my body be whole again. With his advice and my weekly visits I have to say I have never had as much energy and felt so much better because of the treatment I receive every week.

    I believe we need to seek out other forms of medicine (alternative). I was happy when Doug Ko explained that he feels acupuncture can go hand in hand to work with modern medicine.

    I want to thank Doug Ko for helping me feel better everyday. (I have not even had a cold since I started acupuncture.) He really takes his time to explain why he is putting the needle where he does and how the qi/chi should flow.

    Words can not ever say how grateful I am to Doug Ko, and I tell everyone who is fed up with regular doctors to give Doug Ko a try and see if he can help them. I am a walking advertisement for the benefits of acupuncture.”

    ~Laura H

  • “Thank you Doug Ko! I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during graduate school and it took over my life. I had to leave school and then could not even keep up a part-time job. I went from living my life at 100% to 40%. My doctor told me that I could go on disability if I couldn’t work. I was shocked! That was not the option that I wanted. I wanted to get better, but there was no treatment for me and no hope.

    I received a recommendation for acupuncture with Doug Ko and decided to try it as a last resort. Doug Ko’s treatment should have been my first resort! I wasted so much despair before meeting Doug, but now I have my life back! A few months of herbs and acupuncture have brought my fatigue to a manageable level. There are even times that I don’t notice it at all. I am working full-time and am planning to go back to school soon. My husband and I are even planning to start a family; a dream that I feared I would never have the energy for.

    Chronic Fatigue does not have to equal hopelessness. I want others to know that there is an answer. With Doug Ko’s treatment, I went from an energy level of 40% to 90% in a few months. I am grateful to be back!”

    ~Nicole C.

  • “Look at the beautiful gift you gave my husband and me. I still can’t believe that it happened. Knowing you has changed my life and I will forever be grateful.

    Aside from the exceptional acupuncture treatments (prior to you I had been treated by 4 different acupuncturist trying to get pregnant….even driving all the way to British Columbia) you taught me so many life lessons.

    You know what’s strange? I came to you to get pregnant and your treatments got me pregnant and cleared up my irregular heart beat that I have had for 16 years.”

    ~Beth S.

  • “I was in a head on accident two years before I first came to see Doug. The drugs and the physical therapy that my regular doctor recommended did not seem to relieve the chronic pain in my back or neck, in just a few weeks I noticed a huge improvement in both of these areas. I also had a severe tremor and suffered from high blood pressure both of these ailments have vastly improved.”

    ~Kevin G.

  • “I can’t thank you enough for your excellent care. I came to you with chronic insomnia, stress and restless legs, and after only a few treatments I noticed considerable improvement.

    I have been under your care now for several months, and I can now sleep peacefully, and have noticed that I am generally much more relaxed. In addition, I started to experience hot flash type symptoms, which you have completely eliminated with the herbs. I will continue acupuncture and herbs throughout my life to maintain balance, and avoid the prescriptions that conventional medicine is so eager to throw at the symptoms. Your treatments eliminate the source of the underlying problem, and not just try to mask it by temporarily taking away the symptoms.

    Your caring manner and exceptional service are greatly appreciated. I recommend your office every chance I get!”

    ~Laurie A.

  • “Since I started seeing Doug Ko a little less than a year ago my health has improved significantly. The acupuncture along with the herbal remedies have given me more strength and energy than I have had for years. I also admire his depth of knowledge, integrity, and pleasant personality. Most of all, I am pain free.”

    ~Ellen K.

  • "I hurt my back so badly that I was in severe pain. With acupuncture and herbal treatment, I am now pain free."

    ~Pat N.

  • "After being rear-ended (in an auto accident), I was experiencing some mild spinal pain and severe muscle tension along my whole back. After treatment by Mr. Ko, my back feels almost normal."

    ~Steve S.

  • "After the birth of my son, I had severe low back pain. My doctor referred me to a physical therapist that didn't help. Neither did the massage therapy or chiropractic care. A couple of years of this treatment plan fail to relieve my chronic pain. It wasn't until acupuncture treatments (8 total) at Evergreen Acupuncture Clinic, that I was finally out of pain. It's been 16 months!"

    ~Katherine Ashely R.

  • "I started discussing my plans to get pregnant in November 2003. By January 2004, I was pregnant. I am 40 years old so I understood it could take a while, but 3 months was quick."

    ~Karen G.

  • "It worked! I had been trying to have a baby for one year. I had been trying conventional treatments, but never got pregnant. I decided to try alternative medicine and went to Evergreen Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. I became pregnant during the fourth month of treatment. Now we have a beautiful daughter."

    ~Leisa G.

  • "I was told I have TMJ by my doctor and dentist. I was skeptical towards acupuncture. A good friend of mine told me that it works, so I gave it a try since nothing else worked. After 5 sessions, my jaws feel almost normal!"

    ~Colin H.

  • "Once, while having treatment for a certain condition, I mentioned that I had a sore throat. With just two needles, it went away, rather than developing into a cold. Another time, my left hip was aching and during one treatment it no longer ached."

    ~E. A. Harrison

  • "Mr Ko - This is a heart felt thank you for the excellent care I've received from you in the past few years. I truly believe I would not have gotten pregnant as quick and that my health during my pregnancy wouldn't have been as good without your care. You have always been so generous with your time and caring with your advice for my parents, Ed and Cade's little health needs. You are a kind and caring person and I feel fortunate to have found you to help me. I thought of you when I read the following quote, "It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you give". Thanks for Everything!"

    ~Karen G.

  • "I was recently diagnosed with Morton's neuroma, a painful disorder affecting the nerves of my feet. I was offered no solution except a prolonged course of anti-inflammatory. I came to Mr. Ko for acupuncture and found relief from the first visit and complete control of my symptoms in two or three weeks."

    ~Jim A.

  • "Having decided on acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for incontinence, I am very pleased with the progress of the healing at Evergreen Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs."

    ~Natasha B.

  • "I was in an auto accident in 1986. Since then I developed pain in my feet and ankles and up the sides fo my fore legs. I have had 3 treatments and the pain I have had has lessened and has gone away between my toes."

    ~Donna De J., LPN

  • "I hurt my shoulder playing baseball and could hardly play catch. But after 8 treatments here, I can pitch again!"

    ~Kyle N.

  • "I initially sought out Doug Ko's services for chronic headache and migraine problems. Mr Ko has successfully gotten this problem under control in an amazingly short period of time. Mr. Ko was also able to assist in my endeavor to lose weight. Since February 1, 2004, I have been able to lose 34 pounds. I look forward to losing another 16 pounds to achieve my ultimate weight goal. Additionally Mr. Ko was able to help with hot flashes created by menopause. Although not completely gone the hot flashes have diminished to a point where I am able to sleep throughout the night in comfort. Most people I speak with about acupuncture raise their eyebrows and become immediately skeptical, however, I am now a true believer. Thank You."

    ~Cindy B.

  • "I was facing a change in medications for cholesterol, It had started to go up again. Having treatments by Doug Ko my cholesterol went from 189 to 158, my triglycerides 158 to 113, my HDL 47 to 56 and my LDL 110 to 79. Thank you."

    ~Kathy E.

  • "I came to Doug Ko for relief of hot flashes. They are now almost ocmpletely gone. He has helped to lower my blood pressure and I reduced the amount of medication I am taking. I hope to get off medication completely. He is also helping me with weight loss."

    ~D. Zopfi

  • "I went to the blood lipid center for a cholesterol test which has been very high all my adult life, the doctor could not believe it. My last blood draw was 286 and 10 treatments and 40 days later I was 191. I told them the only change had been my acupuncture treatment and everyone was shocked at my results. I would recommend Doug Ko to everyone that has run out of hope. Plus he is a very caring soul and person."

    ~Jeffry W.

  • “Thank you both for your help and expertise.  I am so happy to be sleeping again all night.  My overall sense feeling like a normal person is really getting better.  Keep up the good work.”

    ~Darcelle R.

  • “After three or four years of progressively worse pain and numbness in my lower back, legs, and feet, I finally went in for surgery to relieve nerve compression in my spine.  The operation was successful, but a lot of pain and numbness remained from the abuse my nerves suffered prior to the decompression operation.  I went back to the surgeon and asked for a prognosis on the pain and numbness I was still experiencing.  The bottom line, in his words …'sometimes they get better and sometimes they don’t.'

    Over a period of about six months I tried a number of things to improve the pain and numbness, but didn’t make much progress until my friend, Bruce, suggested that I look into Doug Ko’s regimen of acupuncture and herbs.  Bruce had been suffering from low back and knee pain for some months and had received much relief from Doug’s program.  I decided to make an appointment, and am very glad that I did.  After about two month’s of treatment, I could detect definite signs of improvement.  After five months of treatment I am free of pain and numbness in my back and legs.  Like they say in the credit card commercials…Priceless!!!”

    ~Tom D.

  • "Evergreen Acupuncture has given me my life back!  I have suffered from chronic migraines for 15 years sometimes having one every day for six weeks at a time.  Since starting to see Doug over 2 months ago, I have been migraine free.  Acupuncture has done for me what medical doctors have been trying to do for years.”

    ~Brianna C.

  • "I came to Doug for my neck and low back pain.  After some treatments these pains got under control.  I continued acupuncture treatment for general health.  I did my first check up by my medical doctor and found out that my cholesterol went down and my blood pressure is good.  I now believe that acupuncture is not only for pain but also for general health and preventive care."

    ~Julie G.

  • "It was with great skepticism that I followed the advice of a professional and tried acupuncture. As a Phd, this friend said that he, himself, had benefited in a great way from Chinese medicine. So many things in my life had gone "downhill" including my health to the point where "Western medicine" simply gave up on me. I went to Doug Ko for treatment in June 2010. Due to a prior surgery, to remove my entire large intestine, Doug could not treat me with herbs but focused on the acupuncture itself to help primarily with my chronic restless leg syndrome. I had many other maladies such as depression, chronic joint pain, anxiety, insomnia... just to name a few! It wasn't long before I noticed a tremendous change in my legs. The first thing that astonished me was that I could actually lie on that table for 30 minutes without having to move my legs at all! In time, I was able to get completely off ReQuip medication that my primary care doctor prescribed. Today, in September 2010 not only do I not take edication for my RLS but I simply do not have RLS anymore!

    I find it remarkable that I am less depressed & I don't have as much chronic joint pain as I once had because I am sleeping much better & having less headache pain as well. The time I spend in each acupuncture treatment is very healing for me. I find it completely relaxing and this too is a miracle for me! To be able to actually relax! That relaxation goes with me the rest of the day. I am feeling so much better now, and am also humbled by Doug Ko and Lee's genuine caring and generosity. I really feel as if they are not in this business for the money but as his mission statement says, for the contribution he can make towards society. What a beautiful contribution it is! Thank you Doug Ko and Lee for helping me get my life back!"

    ~Terri H.


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