Doug C. Ko

EAMP, Dipl. Ac., Dipl. Chinese Herbs
Serving people for over 10 years!

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Welcome to Evergreen Acupuncture Clinic
and Chinese Herbs PLLC!

The purpose of this clinic is to help people to improve their health, quality of life and relieve their ailments through safe and time-tested acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

I offer my patients individualized and professional care.

In this clinic, I offer the original form of the Classical Chinese medicine which is not reformed by any government and that is only possible by going back to the classical sources.

Make time in your day to take care of yourself and enjoy your treatment in a very nice office space.  Life is too short to allow a health condition to impede your lifestyle!   Thank you for visiting my website!   You can follow me on Facebook at Evergreen-acupuncture too!



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